We are known for our full scope of preventative and restorative treatment for infants, toddlers, adolescents, and special needs patients.  Treatment is individualized according to the patient's needs and the parents' expectations and comfort level.  We best accomplish this by taking the individual time with each patient and treating them as if they were our own child.  Our exceptional services and treatment of all family members continually "wow" parents causing them to be dedicated to our office and introduce their own family and friends to us.

Our team takes pride in all our services.  We work well together to achieve our practice goals with enthusiasm and harmony.  We have a clear understanding of our roles and responsibilities and in return we are confident in the future of the practice and our role in its continued success. Our office has the systems in place to foster a sense of fulfillment in these roles and emphasizes the importance of each staff member as an integral part of the practice.

Our office is a resource of information for parents to seek answers to their dental questions.  Our staff, website, brochures and in office education center are current on common pediatric dental topics.  Our daily objective is to see our patients in a timely manner and keep our schedule open enough to realistically meet the needs of the community